Lake Advice And Consultation


Lake Advice is an advice and consultation service for property owners who have pond and lake problems, from an experienced pond and lake manager, and lake weed control specialist. We offer basic pond and lake care information on the website, and consultation via phone and email.

Why are we offering this service?

There are many reasons. We have found that pond and lake owners, like everyone else, want to spend as little money as possible on maintaining their lakes and ponds. This is understandable and we respect this concern. Hiring a lake manager, or lake weed control specialist can be an expensive proposition.

The high price tag is a result of a combination of factors:

  • The high cost of chemicals and equipment used for lake management and lake weed control.
  • The difficulty of becoming a licensed aquatic vegetation manager.
  • The high cost of maintaining the license and insurance necessary for the job.
  • The limited numbers of available jobs in the market, and the uncertainty of when the next job will arrive forces a slightly higher labor cost.

There are factors that add to the degree of difficulty in this line of work:

The degree of uncertainty involved in practicing lake weed control when so many factors are beyond the control of the lake professional can be a problem. Weather factors, and human factors can negate the results of  a good application. The reluctance of many lake owners to perform the follow up needed to maintain the body of water after an application has been made can lead to problems as well. In many cases, the best proposal is for the property owners to perform the work for themselves. The advice offered on this site is for just such a situation. It should be remembered that the advice offered here is just basic advice. For more detailed help we offer online consultation for a reasonable fee.