Lake Advice Product Development


We are still working on our new products, and we needed another season to work out some logistical details like shipping, and to perform adequate field testing before deciding on a release date. Thus far, the products have proven to be safe, effective, and a good alternative to products currently available on the market. We will let everyone know when we have more information available.


After many years of field work in agriculture, aquaculture and vegetation control we have realized a need for products that don’t exist, but should. With that in mind, we have initiated the development of products to meet those needs, and development is well underway. 2 products should be available in the spring, and there will be more on the way within the next year.

The 2 products to be released in the spring deal with weed and filamentous algae control by non toxic means, and one should increase fish production as well.

Please contact us to let us know if you are interested. Lead time is crucial. Contact us at: